See how Perseus compares to other web development frameworks.

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Static generation
Server-side rendering
SSG & SSR in same page
Incremental generation
Inbuilt CLI
Routing support
App shell
Easy deployment
Static exporting
Homepage Lighthouse Score (Desktop)
Homepage Lighthouse Score (Mobile)

Perseus vs Eleventy

Eleventy is an extremely capable static site generator that creates websites that are usually as performant as Perseus ones, though it lacks the state platform necessary for app development. With a host of integrations out of the box, Eleventy is an excellent choice for small websites, though Perseus' app shell and state platform make it outperform Eleventy at runtime, while enabling the development of more advanced apps that take advantage of features like request-time state generation, and incremental generation.

Perseus vs Sycamore

Perseus is a framework that uses Sycamore to write views (the things users see), so there's not much point in comparing the two as competitors. However, Sycamore can be used without Perseus, which works perfectly well, though you'll miss out on features like inbuilt internationalization, static generation (though you could build this yourself), and incremental generation. If you want to build just a bit of your site with Rust, Sycamore is the perfect tool, Perseus is a full framework designed for building entire websites.